9th DoD/VA and Gov Health IT Summit


Held since 2011, DSI’s  Health IT Summits are a unique forum that allows for personnel from DoD, VA, Federal and State agencies to convene in one location along with leaders from Industry and Academia that support them. (*The Summit is neither officially endorsed or sanctioned by the Depts of VA and DoD.) Our “Town Hall” format is designed to encourage challenging discussion and dialogue amongst all in attendance.


OCTOBER 21 -22, 2015 | The Mary M. Gates Learning Center/ United Way, Alexandria, VA


DSI Welcomes 2015 Confirmed Speakers for October including:

  • The Honorable Dr. David Shulkin, Under Secretary for Health, VA
  • Dr. Linda Schwartz, Assistant Secretary, Office of Policy and Planning, VA addresses transforming the VA and veteran care through strategic planning and policy formation
  • RADM Nicole Lurie, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response USPHS, HHS who will be speaking on the role of IT in creating a connected health ecosystem for national emergency medical preparedness
  • BG Ron Place, USA, Assistant Surgeon General for Force Projection, US Army Medical Command
  • Dr. Paul Tibbits, SES, DCIO, Architecture, Strategy, and Design, OI&T, VA providing an update on the VA’s cyber security plan, and discussing the architecture, strategy and design for building out a connected health management ecosystem for the VA, including considerations towards enhancing virtual care modalities
  • COL John R. Bailey, USA,  Deputy Program Manager JOMIS, PEO DHMS (confirmed, pending final approval) briefing on a collaborative delivery of joint operational medical information systems capabilities
  • Dr. Jonathan Nebeker, ‎Deputy CMIO, VHA providing a clinical perspective towards building a patient- centric,  accessible, and adaptable healthcare platform
  • Col Paul Friedrichs, USAF, Vice Commander, Air Force Medical Operations Agency, presenting on health IT for expeditionary medical operations
  • Ms. Mina Hsiang, Health Data Advisor, US Digital Service & Office of Science and Technology Policy-The White House, discussing data analytics and simplifying access, sharing and use of data
  • Dr. Chesley Richards, Deputy Director, Public Health Scientific Services; Director, Office of Public Health Scientific Services Centers, CDC speaking on how CDC is integrating informatics with public health programs, ‘disruptive innovation’ in informatics , and how to analyze what data is relevant while making it accessible at the local level
  • Mr. Damon Davis, Director, Health Data Initiative, HHS on innovation with health data; How best to manage ‘big data’ ; Current efforts at HHS to improve public access to data and tools for innovation, and an update on the current work at the IDEA Lab
  • View working agenda for further sessions and speakers


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DSI would like to thank several of our recent speakers for helping to drive our discussions and dialogue towards actionable outcomes for improving a connected health ecosystem for our Military and Government

  1. Mr. David De Vries, SES, DCIO, DoD CIO
  2. Dr. Karen Guice, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs
  3. Dr. Carolyn Clancy, in the role of interim Under Secretary for Health, VA
  4. Mr. Christopher Miller, SES, PEO, DHMS
  5. RADM Forrest Faison, USN, Deputy Surgeon General, Navy Medicine
  6. Mr. Steve Schliesman, SES, Asst. DCIO, IT Project Management and Product Development, OI&T, VA
  7. Dr. Michael James McCoy, CHIO, ONC for Health IT, HHS
  8. Mr. Niall Brennan, Chief Data Officer, The Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics (OEDA) CMS, HHS
  9. Mr. Bakul Patel, Associate Director for Digital Health, FDA


Our central theme will revolve around developing a connected health ecosystem for the DoD, VA,  Federal and private sector.  With a focus on interoperability amongst health IT systems, several sub topics will include, but not limited to:

1. Innovation in data analytics and clinical informatics

2. Cyber security for health information

3.VistA Evolution (eHMP) and evolving EHR systems

4. Creating a connected health ecosystem for national emergency medical preparedness

5. Virtual care modalities, including mobile applications to improve patient care and engagement

6. Operationalizing ‘Big Data’ for clinical use

7.Health IT connectivity for an expeditionary military force




  • Held since 2011, DSI’s  Health IT Summits are a unique forum that allows for personnel from DoD, VA, Federal and State agencies to convene in one location along with leaders from Industry and Academia that support them. Our “Town Hall” format is designed to encourage challenging discussion and dialogue amongst all in attendance.
  • By keeping our forum off-the record and non-attribution, we allow for a level of stream of consciousness and shared ideas and thoughts to flow freely. Our agendas cover the most current priorities for our Military and Government health IT communities, and strive to achieve actionable takeaways for all in attendance.
  • We limit our attendance size to around 250 persons in order to allow everyone a chance to actively participate and to mix and mingle with each other easily over the two days we are together. However, due to our choice to limit seating, every iteration does sell out in advance, so we encourage you to explore our site  more, give us a call if you have any questions, and we hope to welcome you in October!



Operating Guidance:

 The DoD/VA & Gov HIT Summit is open and complimentary to all DoD and Federal employees

 This Summit is not officially sanctioned or endorsed by the Department of VA or DoD

DSI’s Summit will provide a forum for each department to address and improve internal and external initiatives, meet with and hear from partner organizations, disseminate vital capability requirements to industry, increase visibility within the larger community, and generally support their departments

||Event is CLOSED to PRESS / There are NO Recordings||



  1. Gain Education & Insight:  Walk away with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the most complex issues facing the health IT community.
  2. Build Partnerships: The agenda is designed to allow for ample networking opportunities and the ability to discover some of the latest technologies to effectively and efficiently transform healthcare.
  3. Influence:  Help foster ideas! Our  “Town Hall” forum allows for all in attendance to actively participate in the discussions. Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive, off the record, non-attribution sessions




Advisory Board

DSI strives to provide the most up to date, mission relevant, topics and discussion points for our meetings. In order to assure that we are providing the best subject content possible, our Advisory Board Members have volunteered to share their respective insight and expertise with us. We are truly grateful to have their support and guidance as we strive to continually create truly effective meetings and events for all. Learn more about our Advisory Board Members.