May 2012 DoD/VA iEHR and HIE Summit                               Registration Closed

“Being Successful towards  clinically relevant, technically feasible, and financially viable innovations”


Why should you attend the Summit?

  • ♦ Trying to navigate the evolving iEHR domain?
  • ♦ Want to understand how to achieve clinical and operational success?
  • ♦ Need a more in depth understanding of the interconnectedness across and among DoD, VA and Federal agencies?
  DSI’s team specializes in the extensive research and development of mission critical, senior level Summits for the Military and Federal Government sectors in health care. Our non partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers to assist you in advancing an efficient and effective roadmap .
  • Education & Insight: Walk away with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the most complex issues facing the vast iEHR and health care IT communities. Each session is carefully chosen to offer a distinct and relevant viewpoint towards the focus areas of the Summit.
  • Influence: Help foster ideas! Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive Summit sessions. By keeping our attendance size limited, All attendees are able to interact with our speakers and their colleagues in a "Town Hall" forum that encourages REAL discussion and debate.
  • Networking: The agenda is designed to allow for ample networking opportunities and the ability to discover some of the latest technologies to effectively and efficiently transform health care.
  • Providing you a distinguished & diverse group of speakers to offer a full spectrum view towards the current architecture for iEHRs and HIE . Our first iteration was held October 2011: be sure to join us for our May 2012 follow up~
  • October 2011 speakers included:

  • Lt Gen Charles B. Green, USAF, Surgeon General
  • RADM Theresa Cullen, USPHS, Director, Health Domain Information Technology, DHHS
  • Dr. Paul Tibbits, SES, Deputy CIO, Office of Architecture, Strategy and Design, VA
  • Mr. Henry Sienkiewicz, SES, CIO, DISA
  • Dr. Peter Levin, SES, CTO, VA
  • Mr. Mark Goodge, CTO, MHS
  • Mr. Charles C. Hume, Deputy Chief Officer, Office of Health Information, VHA
  • CAPT David Beardsley, USN, Deputy Director, FHCC, Commanding Officer, NHCGL
  • COL John Scott, USA, CMIO, JTF CapMed
  • Col Jesus Zarate, USAF, CIO, Air Force Medical Service
  • Mr. Verlin Hardin, CIO, BUMED
  • CAPT Michael Weiner, USN, CMIO, Interagency Program Office
  • Col Albert Bonnema, USAF, CMIO, Air Force Medical Service
  • Dr. Douglas Rosendale, VHA
  • Ms.Deven McGraw ,Director, Health Privacy Project ,Center for Democracy & Technology
(See the OCT 2011 agenda for full speaker list. May 2012 full speaker list and agenda posted as well.)

May 2012 Subject Matter Included:

Transcript from May 2012 DoD/VA IPO Panel can be accessed on TRICARE website at:
  • Understanding DoD/VA IPO Governance
  • Being Successful with Analytics in Healthcare
  • Innovation at the Edge: Success in Mobile Healthcare
  • Being Successful with Transitioning from Legacy Systems to a Modern Platform
  • Being Successful with Open Source
  • Business Operations of the iEHR and the IPO
  • Being Successful with Data Sharing Between Federal /State/National and Commercial Entities
  • VLER Governance: How iEHRs fit into the VLER
  • Being Successful with Identity Management and Security: What will it take for Industry to adapt effectively and efficiently?

NEW Speakers for May 2012 included:
  •  Dr. Karen S. Guice, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs addressing : Being successful in developing, maintaining, and facilitating a sound and integrated enterprise infrastructure for Health IT, along with what the future may hold for Military Healthcare Operations
  • BG W. Bryan Gamble, USA, Deputy Director, TRICARE Management Activity speaking on how TRICARE will interact with federal, state, and local HIEs in the near future
  • Mr. David Muntz, Deputy National Coordinator for HIT, ONC  who will bring insight towards achieving success within the federal space along with successful strategies for how the iEHR will interact with federal HIEs
  • Mr. Mike O’Neill (SES), Senior Advisor, Veterans Affairs Innovation Initiative (VAi2) speaking on what it takes to achieve operational success with new innovation in the VA
  •  Mr. Patrick L. Sullivan (SES), Director, The Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center speaking on the progress of the FHCC and what success really looks like for the provider and the patient
  • Mr. Joe Paiva, (SES), Executive Director, VLER bringing us the insight towards governance and how the iEHR will integrate with a VLER
  • Dr. Barcley Butler and the DoD/VA Interagency Program Office presenting a team panel discussion on various aspects of the iEHR